[ early bird gets the worm ]


The old saying is true. Waking up before the sun had me dragging my feet until I realized how lucky I was to experience this quiet moment of sunrise over the beautiful city of Austin. Thankful for one less hour of sleep and for this memory.


[ puppy love ]


When my sweet (and exceptionally photogenic) friend asked me if I could capture her relationship with her canine companion of 8 years, I jumped at the opportunity. Heidi and Cooper have enjoyed endless snuggles between the ups and downs of life. He keeps all of her secrets safe and has been her constant source of joy. Cooper is her most precious treasure.

A photographer carries the responsibly of freeze-framing time so a memory can live on for decades. I am so grateful to be surrounded by people with stories that are so enjoyable to capture.

[ when i last saw me ]




I consider myself beyond fortunate to have some seriously bad ass women in my life. Being a girl can be really hard. However, when you are surrounded by empathetic and daring role models, you learn to stand a little taller and love a little harder. My bonus mom, Lisa, has bravely written her story for the world to see. Her story is one of hardship and triumph and laughter and tears. It’s perfectly imperfect. She inspires me to live without fear.

I grew up watching Lisa snap photos of people on the streets of London, Paris, and Rome. I was in awe of the emotions she was able to capture. I remember first seeing her pick someone on the street, someone whose story most could care less about, and ask them if she could photograph them. She listened to their stories when no one else would. That instilled a great admiration for storytelling through the lens of a camera. Learn more at www.lisajennett.com.

An excerpt from her truthful pages…

A journey is sometimes hard. Sometimes not. Mile markers keep time and allow the grace of a reflect. Like breadcrumbs, they led me to a place I did not expect … a place so worth visiting my outlook changed. I am just another woman. I am married to a guy I love all the time and like most of the time. I am a mom and a bonus mom and a Momo. I am some people’s devout friend. I am a landscaper. And I am fascinated by the human experience and its forever impact.

Remember, it’s never too late to go find yourself. In fact, Lisa and I are headed to Spain and Morocco in April to find ourselves in the stories of others. I can’t wait for us to meet ourselves some more.

[ wild one ]

Nearly nine years ago, I met Meagan. I was the quiet kennel girl and she was the loud receptionist who immediately took me under her wing. Before I knew it, I was spending every waking moment outside of school, work, and taking care of the horses, getting into shenanigans with Meagan. Though we are now separated by a few hundred miles, our friendship always picks up right where we left off. She may not know it, but I admire Meagan with all my heart for her love of family and her work ethic. From managing a veterinary clinic, to being a wife and mom, to taking classes, she works her tail off with a big smile on her face. This year, her sweet baby boy turned one and I was fortunate enough to capture some of these treasurable moments. Jackson, if you are anything like your mama and daddy, you are going to grow into quite the little (but tall) human and I will be cheering you on the whole way.

[ out of this world ]


We each have a home. In my childhood, we moved around a lot so I learned to treat home as more of a feeling and less of a place… A feeling I had when I was with my loved ones. In my treasured college summers, I finally found my home. In the Texas Hill Country, I am surrounded by people who challenge me, God’s work of art that inspires me, and a feeling in my heart that centers me. It is my home.

At the end of each summer, the Perseid’s meteor shower graces this part of the country and it never ceases to take my breath away. This year, we made the trek up to Rattlesnake, set up our cots, snuggled up, and took in the vast sky above us. It was a night I won’t soon forget.

[ eleanor the elegant ]

When a beautiful cat turns three, the only logical way to celebrate is with a glamorous portrait session. Lucky for me, Eleanor was a good sport for a small fee of treats, swishy toys, and frequent brush breaks.

Do you have any pets who are too cute to be hidden from the world? Let’s get the ridiculousness amazingness started!

[ rhf reining boot camp ]


Event photography is no walk in the park. You never truly know what you are getting into until you are packing up your bags at the end of the day. The weather, the lighting, the subjects, the planned and unplanned moments throughout the day: all unknown until they transpire. It is a thrill.

I like to think of myself as a passionate observer of the world and that my art is simply an appreciation of things around me. For this reason, I enjoy the challenge of photographing an event. I have no responsibility to pose anyone or move anything, just to capture the happenings.

When the opportunity to photograph the RHF Reining Boot Camp presented itself, I lept at the chance to help out at such a special day. The wonderful event was hosted by the Southwest Reining Horse Association at Cardinal Reining Horses to benefit the RHSF Dale Wilkinson Memorial Crisis Fund. Riders of many levels enjoyed the company of top trainers in the reining world (Franco Bertolani, Dell Hendricks, Craig Johnson, Duane Latimer, Scott McCutcheon, Tom McCutcheon, Tim McQuay, Joe Schmidt, and Patrice St-Onge) who helped them in their areas of need. The day was wrapped up with a fun competition between the teams and then an extravagant awards ceremony. All parties involved in the event did a phenomenal job and everyone had a blast. Best of all, all of the proceeds benefitted a crisis fund for NRHA members in need.

[ anna the aggie graduate ]

Everyone loves a graduate, but there’s a soft spot in my heart for an Aggie grad—especially one who I’ve known since her early days at Texas A&M. Anna is full of sass and about as tough as they get. She is the epitome of confidence in one’s self.

Graduation is intimidating to most, as they are asked to take leaps out of their comfort zone. But this girl is taking leaps and bounds and that is just her warm up. She has the most exciting times headed her way and I am in awe of her moxie. It was an honor to take her graduation photos that included her handsome and hilarious pup, Riley. There is never a dull moment with this girl and I am forever grateful for her friendship.

Side note: These pictures were crammed in before sunset after sitting in hours of traffic between Dallas and College Station. It was hot, humid, and windy but clearly being beautiful is effortless for Anna (and Riley). *Swoon*

Some kind words from the soon-to-be alumna…

Jess did a great job coming up with ideas that would make the pictures capture the excitement that comes with graduation. I loved that she was able to include my dog in some of my pictures and she made the whole experience really fun! Everything went very smoothly and the pictures turned out great!