[ down the road ]


2018 has been a whirlwind.

In January, I rang in the New Year in Nashville, TN and moved out of my old house. In February, I spent the latter half of the month at one of my favorite shows in Scottsdale, AZ while fighting a nasty stomach ulcer. In March, I spent the entire month in Wellington, FL, a quick birthday weekend home with my family, and met the spindly-legged love of my life, Waffle. This month, I will celebrate the life of a new nephew on his way, see a great friend off to Afghanistan, spend 10 days in Spain and Morocco, throw my baby sister a bachelorette weekend away, and head to Lexington, KY to commend 4.5 years of hard work by supporting the launch NIGHTWATCH.

This season of my life, I am continually grateful for my family and my friends. Having been painfully wronged by a person I thought would protect me and being haunted by that weight daily, I have come to truly appreciate the wholesome and kind and selfless people in my life – the ones who keep their promises and fight for me when I need it most. These are the people who deserve my heart, since they treasure that responsibility. I am thankful for their steadfast love.

It is those people that make me excited to keep on down the road.


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