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I consider myself beyond fortunate to have some seriously bad ass women in my life. Being a girl can be really hard. However, when you are surrounded by empathetic and daring role models, you learn to stand a little taller and love a little harder. My bonus mom, Lisa, has bravely written her story for the world to see. Her story is one of hardship and triumph and laughter and tears. It’s perfectly imperfect. She inspires me to live without fear.

I grew up watching Lisa snap photos of people on the streets of London, Paris, and Rome. I was in awe of the emotions she was able to capture. I remember first seeing her pick someone on the street, someone whose story most could care less about, and ask them if she could photograph them. She listened to their stories when no one else would. That instilled a great admiration for storytelling through the lens of a camera. Learn more at www.lisajennett.com.

An excerpt from her truthful pages…

A journey is sometimes hard. Sometimes not. Mile markers keep time and allow the grace of a reflect. Like breadcrumbs, they led me to a place I did not expect … a place so worth visiting my outlook changed. I am just another woman. I am married to a guy I love all the time and like most of the time. I am a mom and a bonus mom and a Momo. I am some people’s devout friend. I am a landscaper. And I am fascinated by the human experience and its forever impact.

Remember, it’s never too late to go find yourself. In fact, Lisa and I are headed to Spain and Morocco in April to find ourselves in the stories of others. I can’t wait for us to meet ourselves some more.


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