[ rhf reining boot camp ]


Event photography is no walk in the park. You never truly know what you are getting into until you are packing up your bags at the end of the day. The weather, the lighting, the subjects, the planned and unplanned moments throughout the day: all unknown until they transpire. It is a thrill.

I like to think of myself as a passionate observer of the world and that my art is simply an appreciation of things around me. For this reason, I enjoy the challenge of photographing an event. I have no responsibility to pose anyone or move anything, just to capture the happenings.

When the opportunity to photograph the RHF Reining Boot Camp presented itself, I lept at the chance to help out at such a special day. The wonderful event was hosted by the Southwest Reining Horse Association at Cardinal Reining Horses to benefit the RHSF Dale Wilkinson Memorial Crisis Fund. Riders of many levels enjoyed the company of top trainers in the reining world (Franco Bertolani, Dell Hendricks, Craig Johnson, Duane Latimer, Scott McCutcheon, Tom McCutcheon, Tim McQuay, Joe Schmidt, and Patrice St-Onge) who helped them in their areas of need. The day was wrapped up with a fun competition between the teams and then an extravagant awards ceremony. All parties involved in the event did a phenomenal job and everyone had a blast. Best of all, all of the proceeds benefitted a crisis fund for NRHA members in need.


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