[ simplicity in the sun ]

Photographers are often drawn to the desert. We are mystified by lighting that bounces between the red rocks, the sand, the mountains, the cacti, and the sun-filled sky. Throw in one of the more photogenic breeds, the Arabian horse, and you are sure to not disappoint.

The more time I spend investing in my art, the more I feel I am attracted to simplicity. The big picture is obvious. I have learned to zoom in nice and personal to a small portion of the setting, leaving the viewer hungry for the rest of the story. As of late, I have learned that life is scary and unpredictable. It is challenging and I often feel overwhelmed with the big picture. However, if I zoom in and focus on one simple facet, I can breathe. I can focus. Best of all, it makes me hungry for the rest of the story and it fills me with zest.


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