[ love for ladybug ]

Earlier this week, I dropped Labybug off with a family who will lease her from me for awhile and she was warmly welcomed. Anyone who has ever come in contact with her will confirm she is a once in a lifetime horse and I am eternally grateful she chose me to be her owner for the past 8 years and for many more to come. Ladybug and I have lived in 10 barns, 9 houses, survived middle school, high school, college, the 9-5, playdays, barrel races, rodeos, torn tendons, blown out trailer tires, graduations, jobs, divorce, moves, so many tears, and many more laughs. I thought I loved her as a little girl, but I love her even more today because she keeps me a little horse-obsessed girl and reminds me daily why I do what I do.

It was an emotional experience for me as I recollected the first day she was in my care and what has changed since then. That day, I felt the responsibility of caring for such a magnificent creature and I had to keep pinching myself to affirm I was not dreaming. It is the day for which every little girl with the horse bug longs and I got to witness Ladybug spark that bond with some new girls. I cannot wait to see how greatly she is loved and how she inspires these sweet girls as much as she inspires me. With horrific events on the news daily, it is the love shared between a girl and her horse that keeps me optimistic about days to come. Cheers to another step in my ever exciting journey with the most amazing horse… I owe you the world, Ladybug!


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