[ ride rocksprings, ride ]

Every summer for the past four years, I have been lucky to join the Letsinger family at the 4th of July PBR Rodeo in Rocksprings, Texas. After competing myself for six short years, rodeo is near and dear to my heart. To spectators, it appears to be an individual sport. They could not be more wrong. Competitors are surrounded by a support team of pick-up men, tractor drivers, flag men, bull fighters, stock crew, gate men, barrel setters, judges, spectators and (believe it or not) other competitors. Weeks and months and years go into that handful of seconds in the arena competing for the gold, but it would not be possible without the animals. Whether it is a steed a rider is trusting to hold them up around three barrels at forty miles an hour, a bull a rider is hoping they can sit for eight seconds and has some pity on them when they eat dirt, or a calf a rider hopes isn’t fast enough to dodge their rope, rodeo competitors have an immense amount of respect for the animals they are working alongside. This history laden sport never ceases to amaze me. I encourage you to learn more about how rodeo came to be by checking out an interesting article by the Texas State Historical Association.


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