[ julia is almost an alumna! ]


Growing up is scary. In our childhood, we dream about where we will end up and who we will become. When that time finally comes along, we can only aspire to be kids again. However, I have found something that is incredibly exciting about this crazy thing we call “growing up”. That lovely thing is getting to watch the beautiful people our loved ones grow up to become.

As a sophomore in college, I was lucky enough to serve as a counselor in a truly special freshman leadership organization. Crazy enough, these goofy and confused teens I met just three years ago are soon to walk across that stage at Texas A&M University and conquer the world that awaits them.

Unfortunately, I only get to celebrate and admire a majority of these former freshman from afar. However, I am lucky to have a few, like this sweet girl, to whom I have grown quite close. Julia is the kind of friend every girl needs in her life. She is fun and ridiculous, yet soft and kind. I cannot wait to see how she impacts this crazy and wonderful world after she climbs down from that stage. Watch out world, she’s coming for you!

Some kind words about her experience with JS Photography…

I was very impressed at how well Jess was prepared for my graduation photoshoot. She had a lot of cool ideas that helped me feel less awkward all while capturing my personality! Her editing was natural and quick; she was done with my photos by the next day. I will definitely be contacting her for my next special occasion!


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